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New Colorado Leasing Laws - PETS

Colorado is beefing up protections for tenants with caps on pet rent and deposits and limiting insurance providers from altering a homeowner's policy based on breed of dog.

HB23-1068 - Effective January 1, 2024

  • This Bill prohibits insurance providers from refusing to issue, reissue, increase a premium or rate or cancel a homeowner's insurance policy or a dwelling fire insurance policy, based on the breed of dogs kept at the dwelling.

  • This does not prohibit insurance providers from performing any of the above to a policy if it is known that there is a dog that has been declared dangerous at the dwelling.

  • Pet security deposits are capped at $300 and must be refundable.

  • Monthly pet rent is also capped at the greater of i) $35 or ii) 1.5% of the tenant's monthly rent.


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